passion rooted in experience

I was late to the game. I spent my early 20’s chasing a fast buck. As I came into my thirties I realized that I was, for the most part, chasing a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Once reality set in, I realized next that I needed to get grounded quickly. I needed to develop a solid income and solid marketable and transferable skills.

My quest began by getting the first job I could find. I lived by the adage to…

Call no work low that is honest. Honest toil never degrades.

The job I took was in the brine room of a Swiss cheese plant. It was not enough to cover my expenses so I took assignments from a temporary agency, working in a process cheese plant when work was available and I could squeeze it in. Stability, although visible on the horizon, eluded me. Eventually, an opportunity on the production line of a fitness equipment manufacturer opened up and I was hired. The pay, supplemented by my temporary work assignments, was enough to provide the beginnings of stability. I was now prepared for my next step and enrolled in the university located in the community.

Among the best paying jobs in the community were permanent roles at the cheese processing plant to which I was being temporarily assigned from time to time. Eventually, after nearly a year, I was able to get on permanently at this plant. I quit working at the fitness equipment manufacturer and also no longer had the need to accept temporary work assignments to supplement my income. Stability had been achieved.

As it turned out, working for the company owning the cheese processing plant was one of the best things Continue reading “passion rooted in experience”