an executive

i am an executive

I am responsible for the performance of the organization or some aspect of it.

I sometimes feel like all the strategy and planning work to drive those results are lost as those plans filter through the organization.

I put in long hours for what often seem to be incremental gains.

I want to feel like what I do makes a difference.

Douglas Dawson, founder and managing director of Leg Up Solutions, recognizes this level of frustration in the C-Suite. Often, it feels like herding cats. Employee engagement and self-directed work teams are often cliché. There are few examples where this actually takes place.

Douglas’ career spans nearly equal halves as both non-exempt and exempt. Further, he has had the unique privilege of working for two different organizations, one as non-exempt and the other as exempt, that really got it. No cliché. And both firms had business results to prove it. One is a house hold name and the other touches you nearly every time you order a burger.

There are few people with this unique perspective who can help organizations reach greater potential and unleash greater value, by helping them tap into the talent and insights on the production floor, front line or back office.

If you would like to learn how Leg Up Solutions can help you add and feel greater value, send us a note and let us know.