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A Quick Case Study...

Karl Wadensten, CEO of a small industrial manufacturing business in Rhode Island has figured this out.

With a workforce of less than 100, his business has over 17,000 global distributors, through which it also services over 300,000 customers. 

Karl’s business handles an average of 1500 inbound phone calls each day. In…

  1. 03 Seconds: Call is answered, greeting each caller by name 
  2. 10 Seconds: Caller’s need is identified and routed to an expert 
  3. 15 seconds: Caller is speaking with an expert for issue resolution

No call center. No phone-bots.

Just real people who know the business and care about their customers. All this while managing a production schedule that meets a same day / next day standard. Each order ships the same day it comes in. The customer receives the order the next day. Globally.

Karl attributes this to developing an empowered and engaged workforce. Through this BRILLIANT WORKFORCE his business strives for “a million, kazillion, little wins everyday.” And they are still improving, understanding theirs is a journey, not a program.

Don’t let the size of Karl’s organization fool you. There are organizations that are much larger which have achieved similar results. What is required is essentially outlined in the three dimensions of the Shingo Model, SYSTEMS DESIGN, CULTURAL ENABLERS, CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT, and ENTERPRISE ALIGNMENT & RESULTS as described in the Shingo Model booklet. You can get a sense of the type of organizations by viewing the entire list of Shingo recipients.

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find the BRILLIANCE in your WORKFORCE®

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