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problem / opportunity

Operators trained and empowered in Decision Making and basic Business Analytics were given annual financial targets their teams were required to plan for and meet each year.


The operators identified cost savings for indirect materials with the support of line management and procurement. Operators also worked with engineering and planning / scheduling to identify productivity gains that would enable each team to meet their financial business plan targets.

Managements requirement was to provide support in developing the business plan, validate each team’s plan was actionable and during the course of the next business year, ensured the teams were held accountable to their targets. Line management held operator teams accountable through each month and teams reported quarterly results to site lead team.

maximized value

Results of direct operator involvement and accountability for business plan  were

  1. “Skin in the game” ownership for business results
  2. Decision making pushed to the lowest level of the organization possible
  3. Sustained business results using this process