frequently asked questions (faq)

frequently asked questions

We thought you might have a few questions and wanted to “illuminate” you. If you don’t find your answers, feel free to contact us for more information by clicking or tapping on the “make it happen!” buttons located around this website. Or you can go to the “contact” page.

what is a hidden factory?

By definition, a “Hidden Factory” is any inefficiency within an organization. All organizations have them, though the extent to which they exist varies by organization. These inefficiencies rob margins and steal profits. This has impact not only for the enterprise with a Hidden Factory, but for the entire value chain. Costs associated with the Hidden Factory are passed along until the final customer ends up paying for that cost in the goods or services purchased.

if i talk to Leg Up Solutions, do i have to commit my firm to services?

No. An initial conversation costs nothing. The purpose of the conversation is to discover if there is any value in developing a relationship between our two organizations. There is no cost associated with this initial approach. All subsequent cost is disclosed prior to engaging in any activity.

what is your process?

First we engage in a discussion of discovery and validation to learn about your organization and the pinch points that keep you awake at night.

Second, we consider approaches that will help relieve the pain you experience every day from the pinch points within your organization. After thoughtful consideration, we will share with you the capabilities we have curated to provide your organization with relief.

Upon agreement of the capabilities, then we work with you to prioritize the recommendations presented with the capabilities so that your organization receives the greatest value at the earliest opportunity.

We are a relationship based organization. If timing is not right, we seek to maintain our relationship with you to be present when you do need us.

yeah… so… what about the name of the business?

The founder, Douglas Dawson, was an operator on the production floor. He got a leg up from his employer at the time, who subsidized his college education and provided opportunity to work on a self-directed work team. Douglas feels he further got a leg up when he moved from the production floor to management at the age of 37. Additional legs up came from various opportunities with two significant Fortune 500 companies. Seeing an opportunity, Douglas decided to give others a leg up and started a consultancy, Leg Up Solutions, LLC. First, his desire is to help enterprise and employees get a leg up by helping empower the labor and individual contributors within organizations to find the Hidden Factory in their organizations. Second, this gives a leg up to the enterprise itself. Third, the value chain gets a leg up from engaged employees and a more efficient enterprise. Hence, the name, Leg Up Solutions.