passion rooted in experience

passion rooted in experience

I began my career as an operator.

I graduated when I was 37 years old.

…working my way through school until I graduated from Utah State University with a B.S. in Production Management, an emphasis in quantitative methods and minors in statistics, accounting and food science.

Upon graduation, I transitioned to professional life, working for the world’s largest dairy cooperative and two Fortune 500 companies.

Given that my career spans nearly equally, labor and management roles, I have a unique empathy that is the foundation for Leg Up Solutions. The idea behind the name was to give a leg up to the operators, who often know more about what is going on than others realize. In giving a leg up to the operators, management in turn gets a leg up, from which the enterprise gets a leg up, and ultimately the entire value chain gets a leg up.

I’ve been involved with operations and process improvement since 1991, including TPM (Total Preventive Maintenance), Quick Change (single-minute exchange of dies or SMED), TQM (Total Quality Management), various quantitative methods, formal root cause analysis (RCA), Fault Tree Analysis and various Lean Six Sigma (LSS) methodologies (Green Belt Certified). I have additional competence in relationship management, team management, coaching for results, giving and receiving feedback, situational awareness (emotional and organizational intelligence) and development of teams and individuals.

Many of the skills I have, I developed as an operator, working for a company that realized the value of the WORK FORCE, and which changed its cultural paradigm to tap into the latent talent on the production floor. As a professional, I worked for one particular Fortune 500 company that had done the same, pushing the financials of business plan all the way down to the shop floor, including accountability for results.

I am firmly convinced of the BRILLIANCE of the WORK FORCE, something for which I have great passion.

There are organizations out there that understand this paradigm and which are focused on developing it for business reasons. There are collateral benefits as well. Because I’ve seen this done, and done well, as an operator, as a working professional, as a participant in both cases, I can help others do the same.