the Shingo Model for Enterprise Excellence™

the Shingo Model for Enterprise Excellence™

Leg Up Solutions™ is one of 26 globally Licensed Affiliates of the Shingo Institute, the home of the Shingo Prize™ and Shingo Model for Enterprise Excellence™.

In the sunset of his life, Dr. Shigeo Shingo was concerned his legacy would fade. He sought an organization that would continue his three-fold mission of research, education and recognition, all with respect to enterprise excellence. In 1988, the Jon M. Huntsman College of Business, at Utah State University agreed to carry the baton for Dr. Shingo, and the Shingo Institute was born.

After several years leaders at the Shingo Institute wondered why some organizations, having been awarded the Shingo Prize™, were unable to sustain results. In the words of Ken Snyder, Shingo Executive Director,

After 30 years evaluating numerous companies’ performance, it is apparent there is a near equal split between those that sustain results and those that do not, no matter how robust their systems and processes. The difference is the accumulation of behaviors of the people within the organization, or “culture”.

The result of this rumination was to create the Shingo Model™ as a means of helping organizations understand the drivers for high-level, sustained performance, including continuous improvement, which is critical to remaining at a high performance level.

In 2000 Business Week magazine referred to the Shingo Prize™ as the “Nobel Prize for Manufacturing”. The prize was originally focused on manufacturing, as was the Shingo Model™. However, as manufacturing is a process, or a series of processes, the title of the model changed to the Shingo Model for Operational Excellence™. Over the years, after review and consideration, leaders at the Shingo Institute felt that the prize aspired to more than an operation, or a sum of operations. At the Shingo Conference this spring, the name was changed to the Shingo Model for Enterprise Excellence™.

Leg Up Solutions™, as a Licensed Affiliate of the Shingo Institute is authorized to conduct Shingo Workshops and consult with organizations on their Shingo Journey as they seek Enterprise Excellence, leveraging the Shingo Model™ as they may ultimately seek the Shingo Prize™.