Brilliant Work Force

education vs intelligence

    1. There are many talented and capable individuals
    2. Not all have had the same educational opportunities
    3. Education helps focus talent and capability


A supportive culture recognizes the difference between education and intelligence. It is often difficult to accept that people not trained in traditional methods of business management, engineering, etc. can be just as capable, if not more so in some cases, than those with the benefit of formal education. The more an organization is willing to recognize the difference between education and intelligence, the more likely it will reach to ensure the WORK FORCE gets the necessary education to excel in its role within the organization.


Capability is augmented significantly through education. In the work environment, capability is developed by giving workers the tools necessary in communication & leadership and analytics and critical thinking, to become far more objective in what they do, thus increasing their capability. This is not a cost. Rather, it is an investment. An investment in both the organization and the individuals within an organization.


Think having the car of your dreams. Perhaps a shiny new retro muscle car. Or perhaps a sleek and fast electric car. Maybe it is a pickup truck. Now what if you could never buy fuel or charge the batteries. Of what use would be the car? It would be a liability, rather than an asset. It could not perform as promised because the promise is conditional upon providing the power necessary for the car to function as intended.

The WORK FORCE is no different. You can train them and train them some more. However, if you don’t empower the use of the tools it has been trained with, you have, in effect, limited the capability of the WORK FORCE to the rudimentary tasks it has been doing to begin with. You’ve not found any value from the training or from the WORK FORCE.

Empowerment is critical once capability has been established.


Results will naturally follow a supportive culture, the development of appropriate capabilities and empowerment to use those capabilities. Leg Up Solutions™ can help your organization using the Shingo Model for Enterprise Excellence™.