NOTE: After the date of each webinar, the title for that webinar is linked to a copy that can be streamed for future viewing.

Thursday, 20 SEP 2018:  The Myth of Multitasking – Finding enhanced productivity through focus

Thursday, 18 OCT 2018:  Why Why? – Why being purpose driven is important in driving strategy and culture

Thursday, 15 NOV 2018:  Big D, little d, What Begins With D? – The subtler layers of diversity and why diversity is critical to positioning and effectiveness

Thursday, 20 DEC 2018:  A Holiday Message for Thoughtful Consideration – A reflection of what matters most and from different cultural perspectives

Thursday, 17 JAN 2019:  Transformation: Decepticons & Gobots – What makes transformation either fail or succeed?

Thursday, 21 FEB 2019:  Managing Δ in a Dynamic Environment – Understanding change and finding value, and opportunity in it

Thursday, 21 MAR 2019:  find the BRILLIANCE in your WORK FORCE – Behaviors of Organizations Which Unleash Value at a Lower Cost

Future dates and topics to be posted on a quarterly basis.