what we do

what we do

If you are waiting for encouragement from others, you are doing it wrong. By the time people think an idea is good, it’s too late.

-Aaron Levie, CEO, Box


Leg Up Solutions conducts both Shingo and proprietary workshops to education and enable Leaders, Managers and Associates. The ultimate goal is to provide a learning experience that helps you find the BRILLIANCE in your WORK FORCE™.

Workshops can be conducted as closed on-site experiences for Leaders, Managers and Associates, as a means of building advocacy for the model or skill within the organization. Open workshops allow participants to interact with others from different disciplines and industries. Shingo open workshops have the added advantage of being conducted at “host sites”, enabling fresh eyes on systems and processes, with unvarnished feedback pointing out key strengths and opportunities for improvement.


Leg Up Solutions™ is a provider of consulting services, primarily on the Shingo Model for Enterprise Excellence™ and organizational change management (OCM). Through interaction with Leaders, Managers and Associates, we help organizations accelerate the path to enterprise excellence. Should an organization desire to challenge for the Shingo Prize™, we begin with that end in mind. Our ultimate purpose is to help you find the BRILLIANCE in your WORK FORCE™.


Should your organization desire to challenge for the Shingo Prize™, Leg Up Solutions™ will coordinate an assessment by the Shingo Institute and its accredited assessors. Additional ad hoc assessments can be conducted for specific problem areas or improvement initiatives. Every assessment is conducted with the objective to help you document or find the BRILLIANCE in your WORK FORCE™.

speaking services

We can provide the following services to inspire and direct your organization:

1. Lunch & Learn Sessions
2. Leadership, Team and Professional Association meetings
3. Keynotes

Topics are agreed upon in advance. The intent is to deliver content intended to inspire you to find the BRILLIANCE in your WORK FORCE™.

Please contact us for more information.

ad hoc services

There are those times work load exceeds capacity. In such cases, we can supplement your WORK FORCE with skill sets that meet your needs. There are far too many to name here. Contact us for more information