WORK FORCE communication & leadership

WORK FORCE communication & leadership


A communication gap often exists between management and workers. It is helpful when workers can articulate opportunity and insights from the production floor, the back office or the front line, in a way management can understand and accept.

The first step in developing the capability of communication is to help facilitate awareness. This means understanding the world is often viewed in perceptions, which must often be managed. Once this awareness exists, the learning of skills and techniques in communication becomes relatively easy to absorb, practice and perfect.

Leg Up Solutions works with the WORK FORCE to develop communication skills that will help them perform better by adding greater value to the organization.


A natural companion to communication is leadership. As workers learn to communicate, they can effectively coach and mentor peers, facilitate meetings and train others.

Leg Up Solutions processes have leadership development baked into the process of capability development so it is organic and natural.