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Whether you struggle with change, or does your organization, our workshops can help you focus on the journey, and the skills needed to successfully navigate that journey. Number one of the Three Insights to Enterprise Excellence informs us that “Ideal Results Require Ideal Behaviors.” Whether your own journey, that of your organization or both, we focus on the development of behaviors that deliver results.


Leg Up Solutions® is committed to helping organizations realize the latent talent within the workforce. Our tagline, find the BRILLIANCE in your WORKFORCE® keeps us focused on that ideal. We believe that your business can thrive in ways not before known or understood by tapping into this underutilized resource.

To that end, we have created the BRILLIANT WORKFORCE SERIES one-day workshops. They are focused on teaching skills that make members of your team more effective and able to deliver improved results more efficiently. 

Moreover, we recognize that time is at a premium, so we have condensed the material to be delivered in a single day. Where we can, we schedule these workshops adjacent to Shingo workshops so your team can dovetail them off the same travel and expense budget as for the Shingo workshops they attend.

Embedded within each workshop, are linkages to the Shingo Model to enable participants to see which Shingo Model dimensions and Shingo Guiding Principles dovetail with the skills they are learning. To gain a deeper understanding of the Shingo Model, we recommend participating in the Shingo workshops.

Shingo Workshops

The Shingo Institute has spent years continuing the work of Dr. Shigeo Shingo, acknowledged father of Lean. Specifically, education, research and recognition, with respect to lean and continuous improvement.

Six Shingo workshops help participants develop skill and understanding of the Shingo Model at progressively deeper levels and help participants and organizations learn about how the Shingo Model can drive a culture toward enterprise excellence.

Participants learn and explore the Shingo Model, the four dimensions of the Shingo Model, the Three Insights of Enterprise Excellence and 10 Shingo Guiding Principles.

Leg Up Solutions places its signature stamp on these workshops with a fast paced and engaging delivery of content, and thoughtful consideration of insights participants identify and share as they progress through their learning of the Shingo Model™.


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