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Upon retirement, an auto worker said to his supervisor,

For 40 years you had my back. For that entire time, you could have had my mind.

The NUMMI plant, an experimental collaboration between Toyota and GM, produced greater throughput and higher quality at a lower cost with fewer workers. All of these workers were hired from the same union pool as was laid off when GM closed the plant a few years earlier. 

What was the difference?

Enterprise leadership focused on lean and continuous improvement, invest substantial time and money on change initiatives to drive positive results. They often learn the challenge associated with sustaining momentum. Tools and systems identified on benchmarking tours, are often thought to be “plug and play.” Results spike for awhile, eventually followed by a decline, producing an attitude of “flavor of the month” in associates, and even management. Frustration and cynicism ensues.

The Shingo Model™ is not an additional Lean program or change initiative to implement. Rather, it introduces the 10 Shingo Guiding Principles on which to anchor your current initiatives. It fills the gaps in your efforts towards ideal results and organizational excellence.

The Shingo Model™ is a new way of thinking.

Shingo Guiding Principles

  1. Respect Every Individual
  2. Lead with Humility
  3. Seek Perfection
  4. Embrace Scientific Thinking
  5. Focus on Process
  6. Assure Quality at the Source
  7. Assure Flow & Pull
  8. Think Systemically
  9. Create Constancy of Purpose
  10. Create Value for the Customer

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Three Insights of Enterprise Excellence™

Insight #1:  Ideal Results Require Ideal Behaviors

Results are the aim of every organization, but there are various methods by which they are attained. Ideal results are those that are sustainable over the long-term. Simply learning or buying new tools or systems does not achieve ideal results. Great leaders understand the cause-and-effect relationship between results and behavior. To achieve ideal results, leaders must do the hard work of creating an environment where ideal behaviors are evident in every associate.

Insight #2:  Purpose and Systems Drive Behavior

It has long been understood that our beliefs have a profound effect on our behavior. What is often overlooked, however, is the equally profound effect that systems have on behavior. Most of the systems that guide the way people work in our companies were designed to create a specific business result without regard for the behavior that the system consequentially drives. Many systems are de-facto systems that have evolved in response to a specific need for a particular result. Managers have an enormous job to realign both management and work systems to drive the ideal behavior required to achieve ideal business results.

Insight #3:  Principles Inform Ideal Behaviors

Principles are foundational rules and help us to see both the positive and negative consequence of our behaviors. This fact enables us to make more informed decisions, specifically, about how we choose to behave. The more deeply leaders, managers and associates understand the principles of operational excellence and the more perfectly systems are aligned to reinforce ideal behavior, the greater the probability of creating a sustainable culture of excellence where achieving ideal results is the norm rather than the aspiration. This is what the Shingo Model™ illustrates.

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find the BRILLIANCE in your WORKFORCE®

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